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Monday, October 2, 2017

Hello friends,

              Turn another calendar page, but keep the air conditioner on!  I am looking forward to the cooler weather now.  I have been picking peppers and beans in the “ugly” garden.  It always gets looking ragged this time of year, but a little rain perks things up a bit and I keep picking produce.  Now it looks like we may get some rain this week.

              Bill and I just got home from the Farmer’s Market dinner at the Broadmoor Bistro.  It’s the end of the Wednesday market and a time for celebrating.  The Bistro is the Culinary School at the Shawnee Mission School District so the high school students are learning and preparing the food.  They all did a great job and it was very nice.  Michael and Suzanne milked for us while we were gone, and we tried to prepare them for the excitement to come.  Tessa was due Thursday of this week, and I say “was” because before we left, I thought I saw a cow in labor in the pasture.  Sure enough, she had her calf while we were gone, another heifer!  I am positive that I didn’t purchase sexed semen from the AI supplier, but the resulting male/female ratio is way heavy on the heifer side this year.

              One more week to decide if you would like pork this fall.  It’s either a whole or a half hog, cut the way you like it.  Let me know if you are interested.

              Since last week, I made one more Mozzarella flop, or Farmer’s Folly as I not so affectionately call it.  That’s it!  I emailed Gianaclis who was our cheesemaking consultant several years ago, so we have rights to email her questions.  The bottom line is, the temperature that I pasteurize for making the best yogurt, is too high for making mozzarella.  I tried one more batch last Thursday and TA DA!  Success!  I took a lot of it to the farmer’s market on Saturday, but I still have some left.  And Farmer’s Folly too. 

              Wendy’s milk is in the general milk supply now so we have a little more available to sell, and to make cheese.  Now that Tessa calved, when her colostrum clears, we should have plenty.  Thank you for being patient in the cycles of farm life.


              I’m not sure if I will make blueberry, blackberry, or cherry Jersey Silk this week but I will have at least one of them.  I still have delicious (and versatile) Fromage Blanc with Basil and Garlic, and a new batch of Smoked Gouda! 




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